Did you know that getting your braces off is not the end of treatment? There is still more to do! “Retention” is the phase of treatment after your teeth are beautifully aligned and your orthodontist has removed your braces. It is the phase where the newly perfect position of your teeth must be retained.

Why retention?

The first year after braces come off is when retention is most critical. You can imagine that after a lifetime of your teeth sitting in a certain position, the gum tissue around them is shaped in a certain way. When your teeth are moved by braces or clear aligners, your gum tissue and bony structures must “catch up” with the teeth and form around the new root positions. This can take time. Retainers help the teeth to stay in their new positions while the gums and the bony support catch up. Even after the first year, teeth can shift and move.

Your retainer is your friend!

The fact of the matter is that teeth can move throughout life, whether or not you had orthodontic treatment. Your retainer is your friend! It helps you maintain the perfect tooth alignment that your orthodontist has created. If you don’t want to see much change in our perfect orthodontic result and your beautiful smile, accept the fact that retention is forever.

The different types of retainers

There are a few different types of retainers that your orthodontist may recommend – check them out here. There are several different colors and designs to choose from! Our lab technicians are career employees with decades of experience in retainer fabrication. They are well known in our community for their artistic touch and ingenious retainer designs.

Lifelong retention care at Berkeley Orthodontics

Most orthodontic practices will remove your braces, make retainers for you, and check up on you a few months later to make sure everything is staying in place. After that, if you come to see your orthodontist for future retention visits, you’ll need to pay an office visit charge for any retainer adjustments.

At Berkeley Orthodontics, we offer lifelong retention services. If you complete your treatment with us, we will never charge you to be seen for a routine retainer check or adjustment (no matter how long ago you completed treatment with your braces or clear aligners). Charges only apply if there is need to replace a lost or broken retainer or if there is need for additional treatment.