Progress and Final X-Rays

Progress X-Rays

It is important that the roots be aligned in the correct position to ensure the best bone support. In some cases, we will schedule a progress x-ray to evaluate the position of the roots of the teeth, health of the root structures and bone surrounding the teeth, and appearance of the jaw joint. If we find roots angled a bit incorrectly, we will change the position of the brackets, so the treatment proceeds efficiently.

Final X-Rays

When the active portion of your orthodontic treatment is complete, we need to look carefully at the treatment results so that the retention process can be planned. The tooth movements created by the treatment are not stable; the teeth want to return to their original positions. The retainers are designed to prevent unwanted changes.

The final evaluation requires the same diagnostic materials that were used when treatment began – models of the teeth, panoramic & profile x-rays, and facial & intraoral photographs. With these materials before us, we evaluate the status of the wisdom teeth, assess the health of the tooth roots and surrounding bone and tissue support, and decide the best retainer option.