What to Expect

Your First Visit

We are always pleased to meet new patients! It is our great privilege to help improve the health and beauty of you or your child’s smile. Our goal is for you to feel welcome and comfortable at all times.

When you make your first visit, our treatment coordinator will greet you. She will help you complete the patient history form if you have not yet done so, and she will take some photographs of your teeth and face. This is also the time to express any concerns you may have related to your teeth or bite.

what to expect

The treatment coordinator will introduce you to one of our doctors, making sure he or she knows your concerns. The doctor will then examine you to determine:

  • The condition of your bite and alignment of your teeth
  • What kind of orthodontic treatment is needed, if any
  • What diagnostic records may be necessary
  • The orthodontic appliances that might work well for your case
  • How long treatment could last

After the doctor has answered all your treatment questions, our treatment coordinator will explain the costs involved, along with possible payment options and insurance benefits. She will also help you make a follow-up visit to begin your treatment.

Diagnostic Records

If it is determined that treatment is needed, diagnostic records may be obtained during your first visit or scheduled at your earliest convenience. These records help our doctors determine your specific treatment plan and usually consist of study models, diagnostic photographs, and orthodontic x-rays.