The Berkeley Orthodontics Difference

Berkeley Orthodontics is distinguished by four core merits:

Quality Of Our Doctors

All of our doctors are graduates of premier orthodontic residency programs in the USA, and several are Clinical Professors at the Division of Orthodontics in the School of Dentistry at the University of California at San Francisco. Not only do they consistently expand their knowledge of research and treatment techniques, they are trusted to impart that knowledge to others as true experts in the field of orthodontics. Our doctors also contribute to the orthodontic industry in the U.S. and Europe through writing, teaching, and consulting with manufacturers of orthodontic appliances. Our doctors are leaders in the profession and take pride in being active participants in organized dentistry and orthodontics. Most importantly, our doctors listen to our patients and their families, taking care to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable throughout their treatment.

Team Approach

Berkeley Orthodontics is different from most orthodontic practices in that we take a team approach that, we believe, results in a more accurate diagnosis, more meticulous treatment plan, and a higher quality of care overall. During the course of treatment, our patients have the option to see only one of our doctors or any of our doctors. Because the doctors collaborate and problem-solve together on each case, our patients experience the highest possible quality outcomes; since we have multiple doctors and multiple locations, patients can get appointments where they need them and when they need them (including Saturdays!).

Our team of doctors also enjoys complex and multi-disciplinary cases. We collaborate well with other teams of medical and dental professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

Quality Of Our Staff

Our clinical and administrative staff represent a collective 150 years of experience in orthodontics. They are all career employees and take pride in the specialty of orthodontics. Our treatment coordinator system helps the new patient family learn all necessary information before treatment starts. Regular staff meetings occur several times a year. This coordination affords the patient the advantages of continuity, responsiveness, collaboration, and extensive experience.

Focus On Value

You won’t get “nickel and dimed” at Berkeley Orthodontics. When it comes to the relationship with our patients, we focus on you, and we focus on value.

  • We offer lifelong retention services, which means all post-treatment retainer adjustment visits are free of office visit charges (if you finish treatment at our office). We are the only practice that we know of that offers lifelong retention. Why? Because it’s worth a lot to us to see your smile remain healthy and beautiful all your life.
  • We fabricate all retainers at our in-house appliance lab, which means better design, fit, quality assurance, and durability of orthodontic devices. Our lab technicians have been part of our team for over 30 years.
  • We take lower-radiation digital X-rays in house, which means we can better control the quality of our X-ray images. It is also convenient for our patients because they don’t have to go elsewhere to obtain their X-rays or any diagnostic records.
  • We quickly adopt promising technologies, such as intraoral scanners, CAD/CAM, robotic assisted bracket and wire technology, and paperless charting systems, which are constantly evolving and which can improve service and treatment outcomes.

Wondering if Berkeley Orthodontics is the right place for your orthodontic treatment? Request a complimentary consultation appointment today!